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Издание 2013/2016 года Рабочая тетрадь Unit 1 Hello! Nice to see you again! Section 4 Talking about places of interest №19

19. Составьте предложения.


1. Our town is smaller than your city.

2. The book is more interesting than the film.

3. This palace is more beautiful than that castle.

4. This bus is more comfortable than that car.

5. History is easier than Math.

6. St. Petersburg is bigger than Pavlovsk.

7. Emma’s homework is more beautiful than Tom’s homework.


1. It is the longest road in our town.

2. It is the shortest poem in the textbook.

3. She is the best student in our class.

4. He is the most famous writer in Russian literature.

5. It is the happiest day of her summer holidays.

6. It is the longest legend in the world.

7. It is the funniest hobby in our class.