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Учебник. 3 Unit. Step 5

Ex. 1 1b; 2c; 3b; 4a; 5b.

Ex. 2 1f; 2c; 3g; 4i; 5j; 6h; 7a; 8e; 9b; 10d.

Ex. 4

  1. ill;
  2. free;
  3. successful;
  4. easy, difficult;
  5. interested;
  6. useful;
  7. busy.

Ex. 5

  1. Sue looked after the collie dog.
  2. Richard looked after his cat Socks.
  3. William looked after his tortoise.
  4. Brian’s cousin looked after his fish.
  5. Mrs Stafford looked after his garden.
  6. Jim looked after his horse.
  7. Brian’s mother looked after the plants in the flat.
  8. Pat looked after Brian’s four white mice.

Ex. 6

  1. Victor chose an egg and cornflakes for breakfast last Saturday.
  2. Charles chose a cup of coffee and sandwich for breakfast last Saturday.
  3. Wendy chose an apple for lunch last Saturday.
  4. Margaret chose some porridge for breakfast last Saturday.
  5. Harry chose fish and potatoes for dinner last Saturday.
  6. Bob chose vegetables for supper last Saturday.

Ex. 7 Steve is ill. Martin is getting better. Rick is well.

Ex. 9

  1. Sue chose vegetables for dinner.
  2. I felt happy when I saw my friends.
  3. John found it difficult to look after cows.
  4. Mary always kept fit.
  5. Peter left home early in the morning.
  6. Jim spent hours on cooking.

Ex. 10 1c; 2a; 3b.