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Учебник. 4 Unit. Step 3

Ex. 1 Jeff has a lot of pets. Larry loves playing hockey. Simon is interested in cars.

Ex. 2

  1. Did you have potatoes or salad for lunch?
  2. Did you play badminton or basketball?
  3. Did you talk to Mary or Sally?
  4. Did you visit granny or Aunt Meg?
  5. Did you have four or five classes?
  6. Did you meet Alan or Alex near the school?
  7. Did you feel sad or happy?

Ex. 3 1b; 2a; 3b; 4b; 5b; 6a.

Ex. 7

  1. Where do you go every day? How often do you go to the swimming pool?
  2. Why did you come home at 4? Where did you come at 4? When did you come home?
  3. What do you read every evening? When do you read very interesting magazines?
  4. Where were you with Max yesterday? When were you at the cinema?
  5. What have you got?
  6. What can you play?

Ex. 8 2 — badges; 3 — matchboxes; 4 — postcards.

Ex. 9

  1. famous;
  2. certainly;
  3. collects;
  4. proud;
  5. because;
  6. collection.

Ex. 10

  1. Where are you going?
  2. Who did you see in the street?
  3. Why did they come back late?
  4. What does she do here?
  5. When will he fly to London?